Project Background

Project History

The mission of the District of Columbia government’s District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is to enhance the quality of life for District residents and visitors by ensuring that people, goods and information move efficiently and safely with minimal adverse impact on residents and the environment. The District’s goals are outlined in the 2014 moveDC Plan, which provides an action plan to establish a world-class transportation system that will make the District more livable, sustainable, prosperous and attractive.

While this project will be evaluating the feasibility of protected bike lanes, DDOT is taking a holistic look at the corridor to identify improvements to other multimodal goals such as transit with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. Specifically, the moveDC Plan includes pedestrian and bicycle elements, which established and prioritized citywide strategies and projects to significantly improve non-motorized transportation conditions in the District. In support of its goals to improve mobility and transportation safety, the District of Columbia began developing its Vision Zero Initiative in 2015. The Vision Zero Initiative involves coordination between numerous District government agencies to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries to travelers of our transportation system, through more effective use of data, education, enforcement and engineering.

DDOT is responsible for designing transportation facilities that accommodate the safety and convenience of all users. While the foundational initiatives identify potential challenges and offer a range of strategies to support a multimodal transportation system, each project is unique and requires thoughtful engineering consideration to manage physical constraints and operational requirements and minimize potential impacts.

Reports and Studies